David Patrick Columbia Interviews Paxton Quigley on Personal Safety at the Carlisle and Per Se Collection in New York City on October 11, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 10:10 PM

…After lunch I went over to the Carlisle Per Se Collection on East 52nd Street where I was interviewing Paxton Quigley about her course in Women’s Self Defense.

Pax is an old friend of mine. I met her thirty years ago when she was an executive with Playboy in L.A. Several years later she developed an interest in guns. I remember when she told me about the idea. I don’t know where she was but she had a boyfriend at the time who lived or worked on a ranch. She was with him one day in a gun store when it occurred to her that women are afraid of guns because they don’t know how to shoot correctly, properly and carefully.

Paxton stalked by DPC. Paxton is wearing one of Carlisle's autumn creations, great looking I have to say.

Paxton grabbed from behind by DPC.

Scream at your attacker!

She wrote a book after that called Not An Easy Target. I think it’s still available. She’s written an updated version because she’s learned a lot more not only about guns but about the matter of women being able to defend themselves when under threat.
It’s a complicated issue and I’m going to write about it more at another time. But yesterday’s event – there were about fifty women from 20-somethings to 60-somethings, many professional – was very successful. And fun. I think many of the guests could have stayed long after the hour was over because everyone was riveted.

Pax is really good at teaching women What To Do (sans guns). But that’s for another Diary.

Paxton Quigley, Carol Ostrow, and Lisa Carnoy.

Iris Rossi and Jeanne Mitchell.

Evelyn Gellman and Carol Cohen.

Judith Agisim and Ellen Easton.

Lauren Ezersky.

Antonia Milonas and Margo Langenberg.

Viva Bhogaita.

Fern Mallis and Sharon Hoge.

Junto Yamada Cusick and Kathleen Kirkwood.

Anita Sarko.

Maggie Norris.

Jean Shafiroff, Judith Agisim, and Alice Judelson.

Victoria Moran, Magda Katz, and Carol Ostrow.

Wendy Moonan and Mickey Ateyeh.

Ann Rapp and DPC.

Magda Katz.

Victoria Moran and Lynette Dallas.

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