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By Kathrin Werner, New York, Published: November 9, 2013

Paxton Quigley created a handbag where you can safely carry weapons and accessories; it is black, plain, made ​​of leather and is called “Pax” – like “peace” and as her first name. Quigley does not think too much of all the “pink” products. “They are too girly, I ‘m against it ,” she says. “It makes the weapons look frivolous. Weapons are a serious thing.” Quigley is a guru for the women’s movement and weapons. She looks a little like she was coming from the TV series Dallas: blonde, perfect hair-do, perfect smile, she does not tell her age. She has written four books in which she explains why women should have firearms. And she’s a shooting teacher, having taught over 7000 women how to handle weapons. “I have a small army” she says. For a while she worked as a bodyguard, among the many of them, Yoko Ono.

Quigley hated weapons all her life, she says; she was a democrat, even a relatively left. Some of her old friends have turned away from her since she fights for arming women. Sometimes it deters men from going out with her. But there was this key experience: It was the middle of the night in 1988, when the call came. A good friend was on the phone, in tears, she was brutally raped in her own home. Quigley took the girlfriend to the hospital and asked: If you had had a gun, could you have fought back? Yes, said the friend. “Back then I swore to myself that such a thing will never happen to me,” Quigley said today, ” Weapons prevent rape.” She learns to shoot a gun, buys a gun, the gun-hater becomes a gun advocate.

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