Empowering Tactics – The Hard Target

This is about Step 1:


What makes her a Hard Target?

  • Hold your head up, be visibly alert, and look around constantly.
  • Walk with energy, confidence and purpose.
  • Hold your body in an erect, assertive posture.
  • Carry your pepper spray at the ready in your strong hand.
  • Turn your shoulder bag so the opening is turned towards you.
  • Cross the strap of the shoulder bag over to your opposite shoulder. A fannypack is even better.
  • No expensive-looking jewelry should be visible.
  • Wear comfortable walking or running shoes – leave those heels at home.
  • Carry few packages or none — have your purchases loaded into your car at the store’s or the mall’s loading dock — it’s a free service.

“Serial killer Ted Bundy stated in an interview that he selected his targets based on whether they were alert and aware of their environment. If they were alert and aware, he would look for someone else.”

Review the Mistakes You Must Avoid

Two thirds of all North American women will be violently assaulted during their lifetime. You need NOT be among them.