Empowerment Hardware


A big white splat shows where you hit.

The goo lets you see if you hit him, even in dim light. Velcro-stick one near your front door. Pepper foam is legal for self-defense in most U.S. states (details on the product page), and most countries.


Select from the actual sizes shown on-screen.

Our sprays are owner-friendly. In your purse or pocket, the flip-top lid guards the spray button, but when you have to grab it fast, your thumb slips easily under the flip-top safety lid. No fiddling with latches or turning safety clips in a crisis, and the lid makes sure the nozzle is always pointing TOWARDS the attacker and AWAY from you.

Hidden Edge

Pepperspray and siren disguised as a cellphone.

There’s no other weapon like it. U.S. Patents No. 5,310,086 and 5,476,192. Developed with Paxton Quigley to give YOU all the advantages. See the product page for more info

Gun safe

A must-have item for ethical handgun owners.

It is imperative that you solve the guns-and-children problem:

  • On the one hand, keeping a loaded gun where children and intruders can get at is negligent and may be illegal under new child protection statutes recently enacted in many jurisdictions.
  • On the other hand, an unloaded gun in the house is useless in an emergency.


The clever car-jacking spoiler.

When you leave your car, insert CarGuard like a cassette into your stereo. Turn the key — a steel deadbolt locks CarGuard in and arms it. While you are gone, CarGuard watches over your car like a regular car alarm. When you come back, insert the key to disarm CarGuard — or ten seconds later the siren starts screaming.
The siren screams at 130 decibel INSIDE the car where it drives the car thief crazy and not your neighbors. CarGuard operates independent of your car’s battery and is of course switchable from car to car.

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